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New MGA Capacity Insights Launches in UK

New underwriting MGA Capacity Insights aims to disrupt the travel and consumer lines insurance markets 

Despite holiday and business travel volumes increasing, many still have heightened  post-pandemic fears of cancellation, trip disruption and unexpected illness. Inflation and domestic industrial action also pose challenges for travellers in 2023. With this in mind, it is essential that travel insurance policies don’t just offer the market norm but they drive better value and give the end user clarity and the protection they need. 

Recognising the need for personalised underwriting solutions based on market insight, data science and a commitment to exceptional customer outcomes, industry stalwarts Phil Denman (CEO) and Jessica Tubb (Commercial Director) have launched new MGA Capacity Insights

Denman and Tubb will be focussing on the Accident and Health Insurance Market with a particular speciality on travel, health, dental and personal accident schemes. Capacity Insights business model blends traditional technical competencies and the latest data techniques to build personalised products that cater for the user’s specific pain points whether they are a consumer or employee.

Capacity Insights is launching four product segments that can be personalised to create hyper-personalised cover for customers, members or employees . These schemes cover travel, medical, dental and personal accident – all backed by ‘A rated’ insurance companies, Capacity Insights products will be simple to understand, affordable and tailored to the end user and the distribution partner’s needs, with the ability to support a range of disintegrated digital services.  

Denman and Tubb draw on three decades of experience in the specialty insurance market, including healthcare and risk management with the Healix group where Denman founded Healix Insurance Services. 

Denman states, “we’re thrilled to be launching Capacity Insights as a dedicated A&H MGA with both a consumer and commercial lines footprint. With our data insights driven models and experience in multiple channels we think we can bring something different to

modern insurance distributors. From retail and SMEs with a small team of employees through to  large multinationals with dispersed workforces, tailored innovative solutions can meet needs and price points. This will be our driving force at Capacity Insights”

As a trading name of Healix Insurance Service Limited, Capacity Insights is operating under a fully delegated authority to deliver sophisticated consumer lines and commercial insurance solutions.



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For press enquiries, please contact the Capacity Insights press team on +44 (0) 1603 743 363 or email

About Capacity Insights

Capacity insights in a UK based specialist underwriting MGA backed by ‘A’ Rated Insurers for medical, dental, travel and personal accident insurance. They create bespoke underwriting solutions based on market insight, data science and a commitment to exceptional customer service. Capacity Insights work in partnership with intermediaries, affinities and businesses to deliver tailored insurance solutions that deliver better outcomes for customers and employees.

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