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Does Private Medical Insurance Cover Dental?

Not all private medical insurance policies cover dental treatments. However, some policies will allow you to add dental cover to your private medical insurance as an optional extra.

In some cases, though, to ensure you have full cover you may have to take out separate private medical insurance and dental insurance policies.

Never assume that your private medical insurance covers dental. Read the policy wording carefully to find out exactly what sort of treatment you’re covered for. And if you feel there’s any gaps in your cover – whether that’s dental or otherwise – then talk to your insurer to discuss your options.

What’s Usually Covered By Private Medical Insurance?

A standard private medical insurance policy might cover:

  • Private consultations with fast-track appointments.
  • Private prescriptions and open referrals.
  • Treatment in private hospitals.
  • Digital GP services – 24/7 virtual face-to-face appointments.
  • Out-patient care, including scans, tests, x-rays, etc.

Dental Insurance as an Optional Extra

Some insurers will allow you to add dental cover to your private medical insurance as an optional extra. In most cases, the added dental cover on your private medical insurance plan will work as a separate cash plan. Your policy will specify a set level of cover for dental treatment.

You’d then pay for any dental appointments and treatment yourself, but you’d be able to claim the costs back from your insurer.

This sort of dental cover may also give you fast-track access to dentists, which means you’d be able to bypass long waiting lists.

Dedicated Private Dental Insurance Cover

If your insurer doesn’t offer dental cover as an optional extra on your private medical insurance policy, then you can take out a separate private dental insurance policy.

What Does Dental Insurance Cover?

A standard dental insurance policy might include cover for:

  • Fast-pass access to either private dentists, NHS dentists, or both.
  • Cover for both routine check-ups and emergency treatment, including fillings, crowns, bridges and more.
  • App-integration, with the ability to manage appointments digitally, and even to make e-claims.

Does Dental Insurance Cover Cosmetic Treatments?

Usually, private dental insurance won’t cover you for cosmetic treatments, such as teeth whitening.

How Does Dental Insurance Work?

Private dental insurance works like any other form of private healthcare. You’d pay for the treatment yourself, before making a claim on your policy for reimbursement.

Dental insurance policies might specify maximum claim values for check-ups, routine treatment, and emergency treatment. They also might specify a timeframe in which you can make claims for the different types of treatment. On some policies, you may be able to make a claim immediately. Others might require you to wait for a number of days or weeks before you make a claim.

Private Medical and Dental Cover as an Employee Benefit

Some businesses offer their employees private healthcare insurance policies as part of their employee benefit packages. Sometimes this might include dental cover as part of a medical insurance policy. But for the most comprehensive cover – and the most valuable employee perk – it’s best to offer both healthcare and dental cover.

The Benefits of Including Dental Insurance in Your Employee Benefits

  • Fast-track treatment – Let your employees bypass the NHS waiting lists and get the treatment they need as soon as they need it.
  • Immediate claims – With our fast claims payment process, your employees can get full reimbursement in no time at all, so they’ll never have to worry about the cost of either routine or emergency treatment.
  • A healthier and happier workforce – Fast-pass access to treatment means your employees will be back to their best in no time. This means you’ll lose fewer days to unplanned absences.
  • Improved relationships between staff and management – A competitive employee benefit package enables you to attract and retain the top talent in your industry. Demonstrating your commitment to your employees’ health and wellbeing can also make your existing staff feel more valued – particularly if you allow them to add family members to the plan.

Choose Flexible and Affordable Healthcare Insurance With Dental Cover From Capacity Insights

Talk to us and we’ll tailor a bespoke healthcare insurance plan that meets your employees’ needs, as well as your budget. Our collaborative approach can help you get the best possible price for an employee benefits package that truly strikes a chord with your people.

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